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Waddington is a large and rural village and civil parish located in the district of North Kesteven in the county of Lincolnshire. It can be found at around 4 kilometers north of Lincoln and is situated in the Lincoln Cliff. Due to this, the whole village came to be known as the Lincolnshire Cliff Village and has a scenic view of the River Witham Valley.

The community was an agricultural one back in the years within 1086 to the 19th century, as recorded. It was only up to the 19th century and changed due to the industrial revolution. In 1941, the village was damaged by enemy action.

As of the present, the community remains rural. However, a few improvements are quite noticeable in the area such as the parish council office, the chiropody fire brigade, the post office, and the library. There are also independent establishments such as hospitals and pharmacies. Independent shops, takeaways, and galleries are also in the area.

The community has amenities such as public houses which includes the Three Shoes, The Horse and the Jockey, and the Wheatsheaf.

One of the oldest airfield in UK, the RAF Waddington is still situated in the area. It is now a command center for drones based on Afghanistan.


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