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The Curio Café at Money’s Mill

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The Curio Cafe

The Curio Café is an 18th century windmill preserved and reconstructed to be a place which serves high quality seasonal food. They are not only known for their food but also for the curios such as antiques, art, jewellery, and others.

The café is nice and set in an ex windmill. It is definitely a lovely place in a unique setting. The place oozes with a warm reception and great ambience.

The Curio Café has an interesting menu with modern and seasonal meals from local products as well as hot and cold drinks.  They have rich stews and zesty salads made form original recipes and presented in a beautiful arrangement with just the right amount to fill. The food is tasty and is just full of rich flavors.

Moreover, the service is first class and good. They are friendly and relaxed, as well, which is good.


01529 3099990



The Curio Café

Money’s Mill

Money’s Yard,

Carre Street


NG34 7TW

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