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Cogglesford Mill

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Cogglesford Mill

Cogglesford Mill is a cottage restaurant and a coffee shop with average and affordable priced menu.

The restaurant is characterized by a nice stone building amidst beautiful setting and inviting surroundings. The interior is good, with its cream colored walls, cosy chairs, and some nice plants and flowers. There is enough space for everyone which is emphasized by the nice lighting they have. It has a homey feel, a great atmosphere and wonderful ambience.

We are greeted by a first class set of staff who are well pace and very good. They are lovely and polite in serving and taking orders as well as helpful and smiling in making patrons feel welcome and at home.

One of the most noteworthy dishes is the Lincolnshire sausage in apple mash, which is just great. It is evidently freshly prepared using quality ingredients. It is well cooked and complimented by some nice home-made chips. The dish is served in generous portions and is tasty.

Cogglesford Mill is one nice restaurant to go into when visiting Sleaford.


01529 309409



Colin and Sheila Point

East Road



NG34 7EQ

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