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Swinderby is a spacious country village and parish located 8 miles from the county town of Lincoln. It is part of the district of North Kesteven, close to the border and is situated above the River Trent.

The village name can be derived from the words “sundry + bi”, which means “southern farmstead” or “svin +djur +by”, which means “farmstead where pigs are kept”.

This agricultural and rural area, as most of the villages and towns of Lincolnshire, dates back from the Roman era as proven by potteries excavated in the area through the years. The village is also characterized by 17th century styled buildings and chapel such as that of the Wesleyan Chapel which is considered as the “light and life Mission Hall”.

Swinderby can be described as improving. Amenities such as a village hall, public houses, church, playing fields, and schools have already been established in the area.

Moreover, the village is situated close to the Royal Air Force Swinderby, wherein people from all places come to attend and trade at the famous and pleasant bi-monthly fair for antique collectors.

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