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North Hykeham

Administratively a town, North Hykeham is a part of the district of North Kesteven. Its original name spelling was North “Hyckham”, but the locals fondly refer to it as only Hykeham. There is a local town council located on Fen Lane.

North Hykeham

The town dates back from the time of the Angles in the 4 A.D. and even from the time of the Danes and Vikings in the 9 A.D.

As of the present, the town thrives through several businesses. There is a company called the ASC metals, which is involved in the manufacturing of metals. There are also engineering companies, studios for musicians, a superstore and a Co-op store. The local shops are located in Newark Road.

Hykeham has a memorial for the victims of both the World War I and the World War II. There are public houses such as The Fox and The Hounds, The Centurion, The Harrows, and The Lincoln Green, There are also three churches and above five parks in the town for religion and leisure purposes.

Other noteworthy site is the Fen Lane Park, with its football pitches, play area and skate park. The town also has two secondary schools namely: North Kesteven School and the Sir Robert Pattinson Academy.

The locals are also fond of entertaining themselves through sports like rugby.

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