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The Metheringham Lass: A Mysterious Hitch Hiker

RAF Metheringham

The Metheringham Lass is the label of an apparition usually seen at RAF Metheringham.

She is said to be the spirit of a woman wearing a jacket of a RAF insignia, a war time uniform of the WAAF or the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. She approaches passing car, even hitting in physically, as it passes through the old unused airfield.  Seeing that she’s gotten the driver’s attention, she pleads for help for her boyfriend who is injured due to a motorcycle incident. After asking for help, she slowly banishes.

The apparition is said to be a spirit of Catherine Bystock, a 19-year old woman, whose boyfriend, a flight sergeant, took her on a drive in his motorcycle. The two crashed, leading them to their deaths. Apparently, the lady died instantly, still worrying about the well-being of her lover.

She is observed to usually appear around 9:30 P.M, with a strong smell of lavender. Before disappearing, the smell of lavender is immediately turned to the smell of decomposing flesh.

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