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Metheringham is a medium sized village and civil parish under the jurisdiction of the district of North Kesteven. It has a conservation area for a center and is located close to the county town of Lincoln (9 miles to the north) and the city of Sleaford (10 miles to the south). It is commonly known and called “Meg” by the locals.

The history of the place dates as far back as the Domesday Book wherein its name “Medrichesham” was derived from the Saxons’ Medrich + es+ ham, which meant “the homestead of Medrich. It was also recorded with the same name in a document by Edward II in June 24, 1314. In White’s discovery, he stated that the village is “large and improving, with an ancient cross”.

The village is famous for being the birthplace of H. F. Ellis and having a memorial record for the casualties of the two World Wars. It is also famous for its parish church which is partly Norman from the years 1180- 1200 as well as English from the year 1600.

Moreover, it has amenities such as a primary school, a Co-op, public houses, and the necessary establishments such as butchers, railways, and buses. There is also a parish church, which is dedicated to St. Wilfrid.

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