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The Legend of the Byard’s Leap

The Byard’s Leap

Byard’s Leap is a hamlet located in the area of the district of North Kesteven. A certain legend has been very famous of this area. Somehow, the story goes like this:

Once, there was a witch known as Old Meg. She was an evil crone, who lives on a cave or hut on the spinney near the turning of the road towards the direction of the town of Sleaford. She is believed to be the bane on the countryside, who caused the crops to wither and a few farm animals to die.

Taking all of this in, the local villagers requested a local champion, who was actually a retired soldier, to kill Old Meg for the peace of the village. He assured them he could as long as he stabs her with his sword to her heart.

With this confidence, the only thing that’s lacking is a fair mount he could use. Being a wise man, the soldier threw a stone in the pond, waiting to see which of the horses will react first so he could take it as his ride. The chosen one was a horse known as Blind Byard, a blind horse.

Thus, the soldier set forth and upon calling to the witch, he was tricked and was attacked from behind. Reacting to the attack, Blind Byard ran and leapt off a distance of 18 kilometers to escape.

A few attempts after, the soldier regained control of the horse and was able to stab the witch with his sword to the heart, making the old lady fall and drown in the pond.

As of the present, the spot where Blind Byard landed after he leapt off a great distance was marked by four posts in the ground with four horseshoes on a big commemorative stone, made especially as gratitude and remembrance of their heroic dead as well as their courage and wisdom.

Moreover, it is another possibility to be the origin of the name of the hamlet “Byard’s Leap”.

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