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Heckington is a village and civil parish located around 117 miles north of London and south of the county. It is one of the largest villages in the county with about 4000 people.

There is quite a lot to see in the village of Heckington. It has an Anglican Parish Church dedicated to St. Andrew, which can be traced up to the 14th century. There is also a Methodist Church built in 1904.

Aside from that, the thousand year old village boasts of its windmill with eight sails known as the Pocklington’s Mill. This windmill is the only surviving one with that many sails in the whole of United Kingdom.

The Heckington community is quite big with their very own “The Heckington Show”, started in 1864. They also have a co-op store, butcher, baker, pool, and museums.

For education, the village had a primary school but it closed in 2009. However, the preparatory school is still open.

For amenities, there are public houses in the area for those who wish to visit. These include the Nag’s Head Inns and The Oak.

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