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Cranwell, which means “the spring where cranes are found”, is the name of a particular village and civil parish in the district of North Kesteven. It is quite a village with only a distance of 5 kilometers to Sleaford and 23 kilometers towards the county town of Lincoln.

The village can be traced back to the10th century with the St. Andrew’s Church, which is deemed to be of Saxon or Norse origin due to the discovery of the unique hogsback grave. In the coming of the 16th century, the recorded prominent event is the establishment of Hall Farm’s Farmhouse which was standing until it was demolished in 1816, according to the records. The first true school was also established around this time, in the year 1850. A few years after that, in 1871, it was recorded that almost everything was owned by Sir John Thorold except for the church and the college.

From then, there has been quite a growth in the place, which can be seen in the population growth from 18 people to approximately 3000 people.

As of the present, the village has the current Cranwell Primary School for ages 7-11, as well as the Royal Air Force College Cranwell, in which the college hall is classified as a Grade II listed building.

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