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Branston is a large rural and historic village situated at around 45 meters above sea level in the district of North Kesteven. It is fairly close to the county town of Lincoln with its distance of around 6 kilometers only.

The village was recorded to have existed as early as the time of the Domesday Book, wherein the population was recorded to be around 350, quite large for a group of people at that time. in 1931, the village was merged with mere to create the current existing one.

Branston is characterized by quite an amount of historic buildings made from the local limestone, which are preserved up to the present. The most suitable of all these buildings is the Branston Hall.

Furthermore, this large village has all the amenities it could possible need starting from the necessities, a Co-op, and several schools from preschool to secondary school. It also has its sole public house, which is the Waggon and Horses.

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