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Ashby de la Launde

Ashby de la Launde

Ashby de la Launde is a small village and civil parish located in the district of North Kesteven, along with Swinderby and Cranwell. The village is situated in the west of Digby.

This village has quite a history. Before everything else, the village was already inhabited with it being recorded in the famous Domesday Book. At that time, it was still known as Ashebi, which comprises the manors of Ralph Paynel and Kolsveinn of Lincoln.

The Lord of the Manor, William de Essheby founded the Templar Preceptory of the Knights in 1150, which was then known as Temple Bruer. After a few years, the de Essheby’s manor itself was built in 1220. During this century, Sir  Jordan de Essheby’s daughter named Cecilia married Walter de Launde, giving the place the name Ashby de la Launde, in honor of the marriage.

In the time of Henry VIII, the de Essheby’s holdings were taken and were distributed until Ashby Hall was sold to Edward King, an official under Oliver Cromwell. Years after, it was passed on to several different people.

As of the present, the manor house is owned by Eran Bauer.

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