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Anwick’s Legendary Drake Stones

Anwick’s Drake Stones

Outside the church of Anwick are two lumps of stones, which to some may simply be two harmless stones. However, these two seemingly ‘harmless’ stones are known as the Drake Stones , which can be found exactly at the main entrance of the churchyard of the small village of Anwick.

The larger of the two stones measure about a metre high, while the smaller of the two stones goes more or less half a metre high. The stones have features of glacial erratics. It can even be examples of such. The churchyard is quite circular in shape so it probably has an indication of a religious site built on a previously existing pagan site.

Several stories about the stones exist at the present. Many probably believes the stones’ significance for it is treasured and is take care of so weeds do not cover it up.

The Tales of the Drake Stones

The first historical story about the stones says that both stones are normal stones, both of which was moved near the churchyard since it was in the way of the farmer’s ploughing in his fields. Once it was a single stone. However, it broke due to the pressure it attained when it was removed from its original position. The stone was said to be placed on the churchyard on the year 1651.

What lies beneath the stones

Another source says that the stone has something hidden below it for it cannot be moved even if oxen are used to pull it from its place. The source adds that the stone has had ducks sheltering underneath it. However, this is somewhat illogical and hard to believe. These ‘duck’ probably are not normal ducks.

Moreover, even another story about the drake stones’ origin is more famous and mythical than the first two, as well as more believed by the people of Anwick.

The dragon stone

According to the famous legend, the drake stones are involved and connected to some dragon tales and legend. The proof of this is the stone’s appearance, which in itself is quite odd. Furthermore, it has quite an interesting and intriguing resemblance to the rock feature at Dragonby.

Additionally, a Dr. George Oliver, an antiquarian, attested to the stones’ druidic origin. In a story, it is said that a farmer, perhaps while ploughing his lands, watched in horror as both his horses and his plough were suddenly sucked in underground. A few moments later, a dragon suddenly emerged and flew off. From then on, the stones were believed to be the cover of the dragon’s treasure. Some even argue that the dragon was Satan, after all.

The Devils Cave

Thus, the stones were said to be the cover of the devil’s cave where deep inside, a hidden treasure can be found. However, the cave underneath was said to be protected by the devil himself so that whatever means someone may use, no bottom can be found.

Whichever of the three stories one may believe, only one thing is certain and that is that the stones definitely exist and can still be found  near the main entrance of the churchyard in the village of Anwick.

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