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Anwick’s Church

Anwick is a small rural or agricultural village with friendly and accommodating people. It is quite close to a few market towns, with Sleaford only 6 kilometers to the south east and Lincoln 26 kilometers to the north-west.

The village used to be a manor comprising 29 households. It was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Amuine and Haniwic.

On the 20th century, particularly during the World Wars, there existed a Royal Flying Corps airfield in the area. It was used as a decoy to fool enemy planes to thinking that it was the RAF in Digby.

Moreover, the village of Anwick is famous for its main landmark, the Grade I listed Anglican Church dedicated to St. Edith and is presumed to date back from the 13th century or 14th century. It is also prominent for the existence of two glacial erratic boulders known as the Drake Stones.

As of the present, the village has a chicken-processing factory, a garden center, a hospital, airstrip, and acres of arable land.

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