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North Kesteven

North KestevenNorth Kesteven is a small government district located 100 miles north of London. The district itself is found south-west of East Lindsey, west of Boston, east of Nottinghamshire, and north of South Kesteven.

The district was formed in April 1, 1974 (under the Local Government Act of 1972), consisting of Sleaford, East Kesteven Rural District, and North Kesteven Rural District. The whole, now, has an area of 356.2 square miles (or 922.5 km2), 90% of which are considered as agricultural.  It can be described as a place of small settlements and large farmlands.

The place has quite underdeveloped transport system, making the people self-provident in their needs of spaces such as playgrounds and centers, which the district councils should have provided.

Being one of the top six in the fastest growing districts in England and Wales, North Kesteven has a total population of 108,500 people. Almost 99% of these are whites and 40% lives in the communities in the Lincoln “fringe” while 15% lives in Sleaford.

The thing that draws people in the district is the rural nature of the district with low-cost housing, low crime rates, good education, good life, and pretty much of England’s heritage. It is the least socially deprived district, wherein the people are contented with the area as a place to live, there are a lot of married couples, and only a few divorces here and there.

Mrs. Smiths Cottage

Some of the notable attractions in the area include Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre, Navigation House, Cogglesford Watermill, Welbourne Forge, and Mrs. Smith’s Cottage. There are also facilities in Sleaford and North Hykeham which are owned by the District Council. These facilities are North Kesteven Sports Centre, Harpers at Sleaford Fitness Club, Northgate Sports Hall, and Sleaford Leisure Centre.

The district is also a sport enthusiast containing golf courses, pools for swimming, exercise classes, and football fields.

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