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The Regan’s Restaurant

The Regan’s Restaurant

The Regan’s Restaurant is known for their great food, great wine, great people, and great atmosphere. It is a quality and well-established Cleethorpes restaurant with a wide selection and a warm and friendly welcome. The cosiness of the place is also another factor. The place is definitely great value for money.

The place is small and old fashioned in a pleasant and ambient setting amidst lovely and quiet surroundings. The interior is great and cosy. Moreover, there is an open kitchen area, making everyone feel like they’re only at their homes kitchen. It is certainly a marvelous experience.

Furthermore, the staff is impeccable. They are very welcoming and friendly, not to mention swift and polite. In a way, they are very entertaining as  they can be personal and knowledgeable.

The Regan’s Restaurant serves excellent home-cooked but varied dishes. Their steak is cooked to perfection and is made more perfect by their great choices of wine. The food is very good with quality and plenty of flavors. It is also home-cooked, making it more   fantastic.

Overall, the place is great in everything. It is perfect for dates and family outings.


01472 698978



76 St. Peter’s Avenue


Ne Lincolnshire

DN35 8HV

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