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The Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant is known for being a restaurant with a panoramic sea view, a spacious place, and a great set of dishes.

The posh looking restaurant is big enough for functions. The insides are nice and clean, with a comfortable seating arrangement. There is also an amazing view which can be seen while eating, giving the place a warm and friendly atmosphere.

There is a nice varied range of meals available, each of which is well priced and is served in portion just enough to fill a person’s stomach. The taste is great and succulent. It is definitely good.

What’s more nice is that there is a warm and friendly welcome upon entrance, the service is prompt and organized. They are very polite and great even if the place is very busy.

Experience at the Beach Restaurants is definitely great and memorable, especially eating while looking at a wonderful view.  The dishes are great and commendable and the staff is nice and polite. It is worth coming back to.


01472 602477



The Beach Restaurant

The Terminus Promenade,


DN35 8SF

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