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A medieval village in the outskirts of town, Immingham is another place under the jurisdiction of North East Lincolnshire. It is located in the southwest bank of the Humber Estuary. From London, it would be around 320 kilometers to the south.


Also, the town is along the south of 180 and north of A1173. It has a total population of approximately 12, 200 people.

The name Immingham originated from the time of the Anglo Saxon, which came before the coming of the Vikings. The word means “homestead or village of Imma’s people”. Others have a different version of the name’s origin. According to some, the name came from a Northumbrian man from Saint Bede’s story. The man was named Imma and was a bodyguard of the brother of the Northumbrian king.

In connection with history, the place has a memorial marking of the place of departure to Netherlands of the Pilgrim Fathers from the Mayflower in 1608. It was also a base of submarines and shore during the World War I and World War II.

Immingham is part of the economic area of what is known as Greater Grimsby, of which is known for food and drinks, ports and logistics, energy and chemicals. The place was once a rural village. However, with the advent of technology in the 20th century, the town has improved and now has an established deep sea dock. It also has wide chemical and petroleum industries, supermarkets and variety of independent traders and retailers.

For leisure activities, the village also has some sports centers. For spring and summers, there are swimming pools and golf courses for bathing in the sun and doing exercise at the same time.

There are also prominent tourist attractions in the place such as the Homestead Park, which is quite a nice and comfortable place for skating.

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