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Waltham is a little village in the district of North East Lincolnshire. It is located at around 6.4 kilometers from the town of Grimsby and about 3.2 kilometers north east of New Waltham. The village has a quite generous population of around 2350 people.


This village is the site of the first settlements of the Anglo-Saxons. However, there is no (or probably very few) traces of them in the area. Rather, artifacts excavated from this village dates as far as the Roman occupation.

The name, however, shows heritage of the Saxons especially with the use of the words walt and ham, which means woodland or area of high forest and estate or village, respectively. Another possible name origin is the modification made by the Saxons of the Old English word wealdhant.

Famous landmarks include the Waltham Windmill which was created in 1666 and was rebuilt in the year 1873 due to the damages. Public houses are also in the area such as The Kings Head, The Tilled Barrel and the Tea Gardens.

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