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Scartho is a suburb located at the southern part of Grimsby, with a total population of about 11,000 people. The name Scartho is fondly pronounced as “Scatha” by everyone from the place and outside.


The unique name of the place was derived from two Old Norse origins. The first one implies that the word is a result of mutation of the words skarth which means “gap” and haugr which means “mound”. The second is that it came from the words skafr  and cormorant  which, when combined, equate to the phrase “cormorant mound on hill”.

The old town age as far back as the Anglo-Saxons. However, the first recording was in the Doomesday Book in 1086. Before the said recording, the first church in the area was established in 1042 in honor of St. Giles.

Many years ago, the town was bombed by the German troop. Fortunately, no one was harmed, to which a plaque of gratitude was made for. The plaque is still at the site, wherein, at the present, stands Barclay Bank.

After the war, this little suburb grew with the establishment and development of new houses, schools, public houses, and hospitals. For leisure and entertainment, there are pools and shopping arcades in the area, as well.

Moreover, other establishments present in this little community are composed of take-aways, a pharmacy and a mini supermarket. There are also other businesses such as a veterinary clinic, a pet store, and a building society.

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