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Humberston is quite a large village in the town of Cleethorpes. Its name was derived from the noun humber stone which is a mineral largely concentrated in the east side of the village.

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The village has quite a connection to history as it is where the Danes landed upon their coming to take over England. It also houses the significant St. Peter’s Church, the oldest and tallest building in the area. It was damaged but it was rebuilt in year 1710.

There is one primary school in the area, which is the Humberston Cloversfield Primary School. There is only one comprehensive school as well, which is known as the Humberston Academy.

The village is known for its many places of interest such as the man-made lake, wherein people can do picnics, fishing, dog swimming, and appreciating the wildlife. There is also the conservation area Humberston Fitties and the Thorne Park, which is famous for being the largest caravan site.

Recently, there are news if refurbishment at the Tertia Trust.

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