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Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island Theme Park

A family theme park with the slogan “Find yourself in a world of adventure”, Pleasure Island offers more adventure that what it seems to imply.


First known and famous as “Pleasure Island, the said park was first owned and founded by the Flamingo Land Ltd. in its opening on the 27th of May on the year 1993, before it became independent of the family company on 2010 and reopened through Mrs. Melanie Wood.

On 2013, the farm and petting zoo was equipped with a tractor ride to serve as an additional entertainment, especially for children, as well as a convenient yet enjoyable ride throughout the whole experience.


Pleasure Island amusement park is divided into six wide yet varied enjoyable distinctions, namely: Africa, kiddie Kingdom, Morocco, Old England, Spain, and White Knuckle Valley. These themes help in identifying and catering to the taste of the many different and unique people which visits the park.


The place offers a variety of and a number of different rides in a long list. Some of these rides includes Roller Coasters, Thrill Rides, Kiddie Rides, and Water Rides. The three roller coasters are the Boomerang, Mini Mine Train and the Go Gator. For Thirll rides, a few examples include the Alakazan, the obliterator, and the Terror Rock.

On the other hand, for kids below the height requirement, some of the Kiddie Rides include the Furry Friends, the Flying Chains, and the Shreiksville. There are alos Water Rides, including the Falls of Fear and the Aquasphere.

Entertainment Shows

Aside from the rides, others can also be entertained by shows such as the Masai Warriors, the Bird Show and The Sea Lion Show, among many others.

Restaurant and Food Centers

When one gets hungry, what else is there to ask for especially in an amusement park? Well, there are a lot to try and taste, but the list of these restaurants where one can grab a bite or a sip, includes the Food Court, which can be found in the Spain area, McCormack’s Family Bar, which can be found in the area of Old England, and the Lakeside.


Tourists and guests can then grab a souvenir at several shops located at the park. Three of them includes the Tinkaroo Sweet Shop at Spain area, the Gift Shop at the Old England area, and the Shrieksville Shop of Horrors at the African area.




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