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New Waltham

New Waltham is a village in North East Lincolnshire. Located at around 140 miles to the south of London, it is just south of Grimsby and Cleethorpes. The village nestles between the villages of Waltham and Humberston.

New Waltham

There are three schools in the area, two of which are primary while the other one is a secondary school. The primary schools include the New Waltham Primary School and the Enfield Primary School, which has been recognized as having the highest performance. For secondary school, there is Tollbar Academy, which is quite popular and as a result, is constantly developing.

There is also a New Wartham Parish Council, composing of around 15 elected members. The council is active in various committees and meetings for events and community planning.

The village also is the home to three of the care houses in the county such as The Garden House, The Orchards, and Waltham House. These three provide high-quality care for old folks with disabilities and illnesses such as Alzheimer and Dementia. Moreover, there is a New Methodist Church Waltham in the area as well as bars such as the Farmhouse New Wartham.

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