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The Jungle Zoo


The Jungle Zoo

The Jungle Zoo is one of the few places in Cleethorpes, where one can definitely go to and have fun with nature and animals. This fact is obvious in the zoo’s catch phrase and slogan,  “sea, learn, discover, and do”.

It is a new place where one can get closer to nature and have physical close proximity and access to some lovely little animals, making it a somewhat interactive place for both humans and their animal friends.

Moreover, these interactions help people to have a better grasp in understanding wildlife and the natural cycle of the world around us. Moreover, it gives and provides us with the safe and knowledgeable care of these animals.

The Jungle Zoo also has several trained and qualified keepers, who are not only knowledgeable in this field but also are certainly caring to the animals they are assigned with. It would suffice to say that they have the three things an animal keeper needs, that is experience, knowledge, and expertise, as well as the most important quality, the love of animals.

With this, the zoo has high standards when it comes to animal care. Aside from that, they also produce effective education through keeper talks, feeding sessions, and several varieties of demonstration.

Overall, one can say that The Jungle Zoo is one great place when it comes to animal care and knowledge.

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