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Barton-upon-Humber is a charming rural town in the south bank of the Humber estuary and end of the Humber Bridge. It is located at about 50 kilometers north east of Lincoln and 240 kilometers south from London. It is also home to over 10,000 people.

Barton upon Humber

The town can trace back its origins from the Saxons using archaeological findings as well as the church tower of St. Peter’s. Another proof of its historical link is the excavated inhumation cemetery of the Anglo-Saxons. Moreover, in 1880 it was the home of Frank Hopper who owned the old and closed Elswick Hopper, known for their manufacturing of bicycles.

The town is quite nice with its huge medieval churches such as St. Peter’s and St. Mary’s. There are also schools with three for primary level and one for comprehensive. The primary schools are the St. Peter’s Church of England, the Castledyke Primary School and the Bowmandale Primary school.

Among the many buildings in Barton, the most significant is the St. Peter’s Church. After this, is the 51 Fleetgate, which is famous for being the oldest residential house in the area. Part of it is made from 15th century timber.

There are a few sites to see such as the Water’s Edge Country Park, which takes you closer to wildlife and environment. Another site is the Far Ing National Nature Reserves, which dates back from the 19th century.

Lastly, there are quite a few notable people from this town such as the founder of the Samaritans, Chad Vaah. One of the pioneers of infant education is also from this area.

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