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About 230 kilometers from London, Cleethorpes is a town on the coastal side of North East Lincolnshire. It is located at the mouth of Humber, thus, it is mostly known as a city of seaside resorts or “down beach”, as the people fondly calls it.


The town can be traced back from the 6th century during the coming of the Danes. However, traces and relics from the Neolithic era and the Bronze Age were found in the area. The name itself is quite old, originating from the word “clee” which means clay and “thorpes”, an old English word for villages. Thus, the name Cleethorpes means “clay villages”.

Cleethorpes has a total population count of about 31, 853, according to the most recent survey. The place is accessible through bus services, train services, and an airport.

Tracing back a few years, Cleethorpes was an old fishing village which developed into health holiday resorts. It was quite a nice bathing place with scenic landscapes and pure country air.

Taking the appeal of the place, it is a good tourist area which thrives on the seaside resorts located at the mouth of Humber. After all, there are about four miles of beautiful, sunny and sandy beaches for people to lounge and enjoy the summer in.

There are also shopping centers at St. Peter’s Avenue, wherein people can shop and buy both local and domestic goods for themselves and for the homes.

Other tourist destination includes the lighthouse at Spurn Point, a boating lake with ducks, and a yacht club. As an alternative to beaches, there is also a pool at the leisure center together with a gym and a sports hall. Also in the town are cinemas and theaters, beautiful gardens, and windmills for energy. For kids, there are also theme parks such as the Pleasure Island.

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