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Derelict buildings at Bradley

Bradley is a village and civil parish located in the district of North East Lincolnshire. It is a simple and small village with access to several other places, with Grimsby only 5 kilometers to the north-east and the village of Barnoldby le Beck only 3 kilometers to the south.

The name Bradley was derived from the Old English words brad + leah, which gives it the meaning “broad wood or clearing”. Also, the village is presumed to date before the coming of the Vikings.

The village of Bradley has a few key places, such as the Recreation Ground, the Park Estate, and the Bradley Woods and the Dixons Wood Reserve in the southern part of the village. Another landmark is the Grade II Anglican Church located at the heart  of the village and is dedicated to St. George.

A few stories and rumors have been spread about the place. One of the most famous of these stories is the story of the Black Lady in the Bradley Woods.

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