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North East Lincolnshire

Located at about 200 miles from London, North East Lincolnshire is one of the three administrative units to make up the whole county of Lincolnshire. It is located at the eastern side, with a land area of about 191.8 km2.

It is governed through a cabinet style council with around 42 councilors as of the present. Elections happen every year during the month of May.

The whole area of North East Lincolnshire is accessible through air, water, and land trips. As it is near the sea, there are ports in the area, which is considered as the United Kingdom’s biggest port. Also, this area being beside the sea continues the place’s historical link to other countries and state such as Scandinavia.

As it has the biggest port in UK, the place is susceptible to trade, making the industry quite stable, if not good enough. The three prominent places of Grimsby, Immingham and Cleethorpes, also known as “Greater Grimsby”, has a lot to offer in terms of its economy. Food companies, chemical and energy plants, manufacturers, and ports flood the area with both local and domestic goods.

Moreover, the whole area is characterized by rural and scenic landscapes of the country, rugged coastline, as well as sand and sea. Inns and other shops are available and scattered throughout the area as well.

People’s Park

For tourist, this place is another haven in the UK. Holiday resorts are prominent in the area, especially throughout Cleethorpes. There are also theme parks for kids, art galleries for the art enthusiasts, and wildlife habitats for several animals’ safety. Grimsby and Cleethorpe’s floral gardens are also a must-see as it shows off the most obvious sign of nature’s beauty.

Examples of the most prominent places in the area include The Jungle, People’s Park, and the churches, among many others.

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