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Magna Carta Vault Reconstruction Almost Done

Magna Carta

With the celebration of the coming 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the Lincoln Council and several others have decided to fully reconstruct the 1000 year old vault as a part of a multi-million scheme that will be processing for four years.

The Lincoln’s Magna Carta is one of the four surviving original documents of the 1215 document. It is housed in the Lincoln Castle in the city of Lincoln.

Through this reconstruction, the city council aims to create a heritage visitor attraction with high security in an underground vault where the Magna Carta will be housed and displayed after its tour to the US. The reconstruction will also add a cinema as well as a new visitor’s centre for the convenience and additional knowledge of the guests.

The vault will be officially opened during the 8ooth anniversary of the Magna Carta, which is both of national and international significance. Aside from the opening of the vault in the ceremony, it will also include documentaries, exhibitions, and conferences.

As of now, the reconstruction is almost finished, but, visitors are allowed to see the reconstruction process. Everyone will finally see the new look of the castle when it fully reopens in 2015.