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The Wizard of Lincoln

The Wizard of Lincoln is a famous legend based on the city of Lincoln in the county of Lincolnshire.

It came to start due to the story of a farmer, who suffered great robbery. He looked everywhere for the thieves, but, he could not catch them, making his search in vain. Thus, he requested for the aid of the great wizard of Lincoln in order to find and catch the culprits of the robbery.

The wizard, having seen the dilemma of the farmer, turned into a blackbird and flew to the farm of the farmer. He, then, perched on one of the rooms owned by the farmer. While there, a servant passed and upon seeing him, the wizard said, “That man is one of the culprits”. A few minutes later, a shadow of another servant came close and the wizard identified that other man as the second culprit, both of which were working together to deceive the old farmer.

Having his task accomplished, the wizard flew away. The robbers, on the other hand, were arrested and were found guilty, with the stolen money returned.

Thus, we can say that the legend of the wizard tell of a wise man who helped his neighbors in problem they can’t solve as long as one asks nicely.

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