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The Bronze Pig

The Bronze Pig

The Bronze Pig is a contemporary British cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Lincoln City. The cuisine was widely influenced by Italian style, giving the taste a bit of a refined taste.

Bronze Pig is owned by Eamonn and Pompeo who thought of the name’s origin as a meeting point of the two owners and the place they have in Lincoln. This little restaurant is perfect from the start, has excellent quality, and provides a very nice welcome.

The place,a little quaint restaurant,  is somewhat a simple yet natural restaurant with a quiet and laid back atmosphere. Its simplicity creates a kind of elegance and cosiness, drawing the patrons to this well-lighted wide space with artistically painted walls.

The service of this place is first class and amazing. They are professionals in what they’re doing and provides a relaxed service, which is just right.

Bronze Pig’s cuisine is excellent. It is beautifully presented and was cooked well. The food was superb and delicious. The flavors complimented each other, creating a unique taste to the buds.

The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday evenings.

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