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Elena’s Kitchen

Elena’s Kitchen

Elena’s Kitchen is a small business by a woman named Elena, who provides homely healthy meals for her family. As a wife and a mother, she had the great idea of sharing her cooking with others who wish to share this form of happiness.

The place is a small little bistro with a lovely welcoming atmosphere and a warm ambience. This little gem of a place is too simple and a bit shabby, creating a least pretentious space. Somehow, it reminds you of home and a mother’s kitchen.

Elena and Franco are the owners and hosts of the place. They are lovely and special people who depict super hosts with their kindness and attentive service. They handle people well and provide a lot of TLC, making them quite a nice pair to be under in. However, they only give off the right mix of attention, giving the customers privace at the same time.

The food they serve is of traditional Italian style of cooking made from fresh ingredients, making the food quality high. Moreover, this kind of home prepared food, as can be seen, is quite generous in proportion and wholesome. The taste is quite good, the kind of good which is nutritious.

Aside from that, Franco serves freshly brewed coffee chosen from among the variety of coffee selections given. This, along with the home cooking for families, is a perfect meal for anyone and everyone.

One noteworthy thing is their lasagna, which does not only look good but also tastes heavenly. It is awesome for an afternoon with family or a bunch of friends.

Elena’s Kitchen is a must try and a truly awesome place. Since it is home cooked style, the taste may vary from one tongue to another, but there is no mistaking that Elena’s is one of the best in the city of Lincoln.

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