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Bunty’s Tea Room

Bunty’s Tea Room

Located on a steep hill surrounded by a lot of independent shops, Bunty’s Tea room is a perfect place for a shopping break. It also serves as a breather in the midst of climbing up and down the hill. Bunty’s is a vintage tea room offering homemade pastries and a wide selection of teas.

Bunty’s is a charming little place in a tiny spot. It is strategically place in  somewhere with lovely surroundings as well as market for the customers. The interior of the place is nice and beautifully decorated with 1940s and 1950s designs, giving it a quirky character. There is a great atmosphere in the room and a consistent yet appealing hum of conversation.

Moreover, the place has charming hosts with big smiles on their faces, making everyone feel welcomed. The waitress was kind and patient in taking orders and was very helpful with every inquiries. They were fantastic and quick in serving, which is good.

Bunty’s Tea room has a wide menu. Taking this, they have generous portions. With these big slices of food, the price that comes with it becomes cheap. The food is fantastic with high quality while the tea selection is good and the tea itself is quite tasty and calming to the nerves. The cakes they have are mouthwatering and attracting, placed by the window to draw in guests. It does not disappoint, especially the Toffee Fudge Cake which has just the right texture and sweetness, giving off a feeling of heaven melting in the mouth.

Overall, Bunty’s Tea room was a nice experience of sweets and tea after a day of shopping with mothers and friends.

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