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The Collection

The Collection

The Collection is the county museum and gallery located in the county town on Lincoln. It is an amalgamation of The Usher Gallery and The City and County museum. It is currently housed in a new purpose built building, encompassing all archaeological and artistic pieces from all over the whole Lincolnshire.

The museum has two sites. One is located on top of the cliff while the other is in Witham Valley. The Collection, however, is based between these two sites in a kind of Roman colonia.

Buildings include the simple The Usher Gallery with collection of James Usher’s works from 1927. A new building was established in 2005, complete with the feeling of urban community. There are also several other art forms in the area with its café, shop, reception, auditorium, and stores and workshops.

Moreover, The Collection exhibits include a mosaic, which was excavated in the pre-construction phase of the new building. The mosaic is the largest one to be discovered in Lincoln. There is also a timeline of artifacts and discoveries from the Iron Age to the present. Furniture, clock, and fine arts can also be found in the area.

The Collection is open daily from 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon.

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