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Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral

The Lincoln Cathedral of Lincoln is known for its full name The Cathedral Church for the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln. It was established in the year 1086 and is located at the county town of Lincoln. It was hailed as the tallest building in the world for about 238 years before it the title was taken away by another.

According to history, the cathedral was built in accordance to the orders of William the Conqueror to Remigius de Fecamp, who after accomplishing the task became the first bishop.  Several years after that, earthquakes destroyed some parts of the building, leaving it to Bishop Hugh de Burgundy to rebuilt it.

The building is the third largest in Britain and the largest in the county. Moreover, the cathedral has a lot of charming yet historical features such as the Lincoln Imp, the Wren Library, and one of the original copies of the Magna Carta signed by the bishop. Recently, the Magna Carta was transferred and housed at the Lincoln Castle.

During the times of war, the cathedral was a great symbol used by the bomber crews to find their way back to Waddington. It has the only memorial to the 55,000 bomber command lost in the Second World War.

In the 21st century, the Cathedral was known as the site of the controversial movie adaptation of the book entitled The Da Vinci Code. It was also the filming site of another movie entitled Young Victoria. In both times, the cathedral doubled for Westminster Abbey which does not allow filming inside.

The Lincoln Cathedral has a lot of events in a year both for religious and entertainment benefits. The staff also aims to raise around a million per year for funds focused on repairs.

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