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The Legend of The Lincoln Imp

Lincoln Imp

The Lincoln Imp is considered as the symbol of the city of Lincoln. It can be found at the Lincoln Cathedral. Legend says that the existence of the Lincoln Imp at the Cathedral has a story behind it.

It all started on a windy and blowy day on the 14th century when the devil sent two mischievous imps to do bad things. They were sent to Chesterfield and caused the twisting of the church spire.

However, the strong gust of wind blew them all the way to Lincoln, where they entered the huge colossal stone cathedral. Being mischievous and evil, the two imps smashed tables and chairs, and even tripped the bishop. They destroyed almost everything including the church choir when an angel appears.

The angel ordered them to stop, but, the courageous of the two disobeyed her and, while stuck at a post, threw rocks at her. The angel turned the imp to stone, while she let the other one escape. Some argue that a witch came and helped the second and cowardly imp to escape being turned to stone.

Thus, as of the present, there is one stone imp to be found at the Lincoln Cathedral. Furthermore, it is one of the greatest proof of the triumph of good over evil.

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