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Bishop Grosseteste University

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Bishop Grosseteste University

The Bishop Grosseteste University is a public university in the city of Lincoln. It is the only other university in the city, catering mostly to mature and local students aiming to finish a vocational course.

Before it came to be known as such, the university was a Diocesan Training School for Mistresses. It was then changed into a training college. After that, it developed and changed its name to Bishop Grosseteste College, owing the name to Bishop Robert Grosseteste of the 13th century. As of 2012, the college was granted a full university status, making it Bishop Grosseteste University.

The campus of the university is a single site in the uphill of the city of Lincoln. The buildings on its campuses can be traced from the 1840s and was left to remain as such. Just recently, there was an extension to the library and an upgrade of the Bishop Greaves Theatre. The theater was installed with cinema equipment, making it The Venue.

For students, there is a hall of residence inside the campus, with 218 places open for everyone. There are also 78 student places outside the campus.

Bishop Grosseteste University offers foundation and honour degrees for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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