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The Legend of Tom Hickathrift

The Legend of Hickathrift

Tom Hickathrift, also known as Jack Hickathrift is a legendary figure in the English folklore, particularly of Norfolk and Lincolnshire. He is somewhat similar to Jack the Giant Killer since he battled giants, while some says he’s a giant himself. He is said to possess giant-like strength.

The fairy tale story of Tom Hickathrift says that he is from the Isle of Ely and that he was lazy and gluttonous, but endowed with tremendous strength. He, then, had a job carting beer to Wisbech. However, he was so lazy that he decided to cut across the property owned by the Giant of Wisbech.

This angered the giant so he took his weapon and tried to kill Tom. The latter fought the giant using an axle tree and even managed to kill him.

Another version says that Tom existed during the time of the Norman conquest led by William the Conqueror. He is said to be a simple labourer who happens to kill a giant in the marsh using an axle tree taken from a cartwheel. This success earned him the governorship.

The two stories are very alike, but, the first one is more detailed. Moreover, a source indicates that Tom is a mirror of Thor as Thor also fought giants and used a hammer-like instrument.

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