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July: A Month of Concerts


This July seems to be the month of concerts as different events bring us music that will last for a whole month.

Internationally Acclaimed Panfilov to Lincoln

Enjoy lunch time with a different ambiance by listening to the melodies produced by virtuoso pianist Alexander Panfilov in his lunch time concert at the Lincoln Drill Hall this coming July 1. Tickets are sold at £7.

Organ Concert at the Lincoln Cathedral

Only a few days after Panfilov’s concert will be another organ concert to be held at the Lincoln Cathedral. Peter Stevens is coming to town to give one of his best concerts to Lincolnshire. Tickets cost £5.00.

War Sounds in Boston

In commemoration of both World Wars, a music event will be held at the Blackfriars Theatre at Boston. Included in the presenters are big names such as the Glen Miller Orchestra and Max Bygraves.