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Improvement Planned to be Implemented on Boston Roads

John Adams Road (A16)

The Lincolnshire Country Council is taking action into improving their public roads. John Adams Way (A16), Main Ridge East, Vauxhall Road, Freiston Road and the Eastwood Road are the roads subject to improvement.

The Main Ridge East Vauxhall road need full reconstruction and heavy work. The said roads will be closed for 6 weeks but it will be re-opened during the weekend of the Boston Marathon on the 22nd of June 2014.

Moreover, the traffic lights on the Main Ridge intersection of John Adams Way (A16) will be replaced. One lane will be closed to Westbound and all pedestrian lanes.

The roads in the Eastwood will be closed due to pothole reconstructions and surface repairing.

However, even when the construction of the roads is going on the head of highways at Lincolnshire Country Council assures that connections to business and for residents will be provided at all times.