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Feast at the Gainsborough Hall

Gainsborough Hall

There will be a feast fit for a king at the Gainsborough Hall on August 9. The feast will include celebrated cuisines from the Roman times through the Victorian era, many of which has become part of Lincolnshire’s culture.

A wide array of tempting delicacies will be displayed, a combination of which will bring us through 2,000 years of history in the county. To make it more fun, the event’s organizer plans to have costumed characters to serve the dishes.

There will also be some ingredients sheets to put in the participant’s Historic Platter binder for future use. Aside from that, there will be demonstrations and quiz sheets to give the event a twist.

Moreover, the cafe will have a special of the day based on the Historic Platter, which can cater to all the dishes of the day.