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Woodhall Spa

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Woodhall Spa

Woodhall Spa is a beautiful inland resort as well as a civil parish and a village. The village is largely flat and surrounded by woodlands and nature reserves, giving it a peaceful and relaxing aura. It is also noted for its mineral springs. The place also has a nice cinema and a few historical facts linked to it.

The place came about when john Parkinson went to find coal and instead dug up a spring. A few years after that finding, Thomas Hotchkin erected Spa Baths and The Victoria Hotel. However, it closed down in 1983.

Woodhall Spa is characterized by a few historic remains, showing off England’s few treasures. It has quite a Victorian elegance, in which the remains are now part of a conservation area.

For recreation, there is the Pinewoods with a cinema in the center known as kinema. There is also a Jubilee Park built in 1937 as well as the National Golf Center built in 1890. The golf center is a nine-hole golf course. There are also footpaths for those who love walks along the country while looking at the scenery. Examples of these are the Viking Way, Spa Trail, and Water Rail Way.

For religion and education, the village has St. Peter’s Church built in 1893. Also, there’s the preparatory boarding school and a primary school.

As of now, accommodations in the area are offered by several hotels such as The Legacy Woodhall Spa Hotel, The Golf Hotel, Mall hotel, and Petwood Hotel.

The village is especially known and famous not only for the Pinewoods and its cinema but also for its memorial for the 617 Squadron lost in a bombing, the Manor House from the 18th century and the Tower on the Moor from the 15th century.

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