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Wainfleet is an ancient port and market town located in the east coast and around 23 kilometers from the market town of Boston. It is a town situated close to the Lincolnshire Wolds and became a conservation area in the year 1972. The town’s name is derived from the words wegn fleot, which means “stream that can be crossed by a wagon”.

The town’s history is quite long. It stands on or near the former Roman settlement Vainono and has two tumuli (Viking or Roman coins). Some of the  oldest buildings in the area includes the Magdalene College of Waynflete, which was established in 1484, and the Parish Church of All Saint’s in 1820. Another set of building are in the market place, wherein two Grade II listed buildings can be found, namely: the brewery building and the Salem Bridge Mill.

As of the present, the town has a few amenities such as a grammar school for education and some public houses for guests.

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