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Steak ‘N’ Stuff

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Steak ‘N’ Stuff

Steak ‘N’ stuff is a warm and friendly place amidst pleasant surroundings. They specialize in home cooked food made from locally sourced fresh produce.

The interior of the place is just wonderful. It is great and comfortable with a nice setting, giving the place a friendly and relaxing atmosphere throughout. In addition to the appeal of the place, the owners and staff are just lovely and welcoming. They are friendly, but professional in what they do.

Moreover, the food is just gorgeous, with large portions, enough to fill anyone’s empty stomach. Their steak meals are just wonderful and well-cooked to perfection. Combined with some delicious complimentary bread, it gives off a heavenly fill. The dishes came in in a beautifully presents arrangement, which arouses all the senses.

All in all, the place is great and is a fair value for money. The experience of a delicious meal with a relaxing place to stay at is just great. It is a must try and a memorable place to come back to.


Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sundays            6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sunday                      12:00 pm – 3:00 pm


01754 611979


36-38 Castleton Boulevard



PE25 2TS

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