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Poplar Farm Restaurants

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Poplar Farm Restaurant

Poplar Farm is a premier restaurant overlooking the open serene countryside in the area of Skegness.

The restaurant is characterized by a lovely old building with a vibrant feel and a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout. This quirky restaurant is not one of those typical seaside restaurants in Skegness but rather a hidden oasis place in a nice peaceful place.

Upon entering, we are greeted with excellent and first-class staff with smiles and welcoming stories to tell. They are professionals in serving and caring for people and create a relaxing atmosphere. Also, they are very friendly and helpful in answering queries and providing needs.

The place has a good selection of meals, each of which looks magnificent and fantastic. At the arrival of the dishes ordered, it is evident that the piece was of good quality served in big portions. It is freshly cooked to perfection and tastes absolutely delicious and out of this world.

If one wants to try out something new in Skegness, this restaurant is definitely a good choice. The place, staff, and food are great. It is certainly a must-try.


01754 765174



Chapel Lane, Addlethorpe



PE24 4TG

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