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Ebrington Arms

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Ebrington Arms

Ebrington Arms is a 16th century village inn which serves excellent food and drink with real ales and a warm welcome. The place specializes on English local cuisine, which is in the heart of every Englishman in this country.

Characterized as an old fashioned pub and bar, this place is a homely area suited for comfortable dining with friends and family. The pub and bar nestles amidst nice surroundings. It has a large beer garden, which is great for summer evenings with a refreshing drink. The place is also child-friendly.

Moreover, the owner of the place is very friendly. They are very welcoming and open to visitors and patrons anytime. They are excellent and efficient in their business and jobs. However, they do not stop at that. They are also very caring and helpful, taking care of each and every one of their guest.

As for the food, they serve great ones in a reasonable price. One of the most noteworthy dishes is their Steak Pie which is just outstanding and in perfect quality. It is cooked to perfection, with a heavenly taste in a big enough portion. They also have a great selection of ales to choose from, as great compliments for the food.

Looking at it in a general perspective, Ebrington Arms is a great place with great food and great value for money. It is a perfect place to dine in even without occasions.


Main Courses from 6.95 – 13.95

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday 12.00 pm – 2.30 pm

                                    6.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Monday                      6.00pm – 11.00 pm

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