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The Famous “Ghost Walk” of Gunby Hall

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Gunby Hall

The Gunby Hall was once home to the well-known Massingberd family. At that time, was then known as Sir William Massingbred’s residency. However, the most interesting part of this is that a few sightings have been linked to a murder which happened at the heart of this place.

It is said that long ago, Sir William Massingberd came to know that his daughter have fallen for one of his postilions and even planned to run away to elope with this said servant.

In rage and afraid to be embarrassed due to his daughter, Sir Massingberd is said to have hidden and when the servant came, he shot the postilion dead and had the corpse dragged through the grounds and thrown into the pond.

Another story has a few differences to the first one. It says that Sir William was so enraged that he shot the two, who were lovers, including his daughter, and had the two corpses thrown into the long slender pond.

Thus, until the present, a ghostly form of a servant can be seen haunting the path by the pond, which came to be known as the Ghost Walk, while eternally waiting for his lover to come. Others say that the two can be seen walking on the halls together, haunting the place where they died for love.

The “Ghost Walk”, a path by the pond of Gunby Hall, is emphasized in its meaning as ancient yew hedges and several shrubs of white roses have been planted there.

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