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Spilsby is a rural town and civil parish located in the East Lindsey district. It is also found at around 53 kilometers east of the county town of Lincoln.

The town traces its history as far back as the pre-historic times. An Iron Age hill fort was found in the town. The Romans also resided in the town during the years from the 1st century to the 4th century AD. Even the name of the place is prehistoric, coming from Spila’s + by which means “Spill’s village”.

On the 14th century, a few landmarks had been established. These includes the Medieval Buttercross Monument, The Manor of Eresby, and the Anglican Parish of St. James. The Bolingbroke Castle and the Gunby Hall was established in 1815 and 1700, respectively.

During the wartime, the RAF established a based in the town. It was a bomber airfield. However, it was demolished in 1970.

Moreover, the market town was once a rural market town which lasted for 700 years.  As of the present, it is different with all the shops and establishments it promotes. The town center has supermarkets, banks, and other necessity shops anyone can ever need to visit to. The town is still agricultural but it also has many businesses and family-run independent shops.

For education, there are various schools available both from rural and urban areas from primary school upward. For tourist, there are also public houses such as The White Hart Inn, The King’s Head, and The Bell Inn, among many others.

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