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Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Natureland Seal Sanctuary © Simon fidler

The Natureland Seal Sanctuary is a well-known nature park, which specializes in rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured seal pups that become stranded in the shore of Lincolnshire beaches.

It was named as such for its primary goal and duty to house the poor little seals who cannot go back to the sea either because it can’t or it has nothing to go back to. After retrieving the seals from the shore, they are treated with utmost care and their wounds are tended. It would surmise to say that the majority of Natureland is composed of seals.

Aside from seals, there are also a variety of animals available in the sanctuary. These amazing animals include several amusing penguins, tropical butterflies, reptiles, crawlies, goats, and a few tropical fishes from the aquarium.

Several activities are also planned and conducted by the management of the sanctuary to provide visitors with another form of entertainment, bordering on educational. Some of these activities include a few exhibits, an informative display of feeding the seals and the penguins, some pottery painting, and brass rubbing.

As there are also educational activities in the sanctuary, it usually becomes a destination of several school trips. On these cases, the sanctuary provides education, entertainment, and conservation as a form of fun learning. They provide worksheets, which children can work on while going around, ensuring learning.

 Moreover, for visitors, the sanctuary also has a gift shop, which provides wonderful yet unique little souvenirs which would be perfect for everyone, and a picnic area, where one can bring their packed foods for snacks and lunch.

Given all of these, it is only natural to say that the Natureland Seal Sanctuary has been awarded by TripAdvisor with a Certificate of Excellence for every fun and educational activities and exhibits it has.


Children (ages 3-15)           £ 4.40

Adult                                       £ 6.40

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