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Skegness is the fun part of East Lindsey. It is where people go to for family bonding, outings, and even for an intimate date. It is the coast of the North Sea and the seaside town of the district.


The city is located at about 43 miles east of the county town of Lincoln, the county town of Lincolnshire.  It is composed of about 18,910 people. It location on the eastern side emphasizes it the great sun and wide sand area, which makes summers more appealing.

The name “Skegness” originated from the period of Danish conquests and settlements. Skegness came from the phrase “Skeggi’s headland” or “beard-shaped headland”. It was once a fishing village but its state totally changed upon the coming of the railways in 1875, during the Industrial Revolution.

The idea of putting up a resort was started by the Earl of Scarbrough. After resorts have been put up, hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts also came into town. As of the present, the place has already become a great place for retirement due to its wonderful beaches, as well as its fresh country scenery and air.

Skegness has its very own historical sites as well. The most prominent landmark to be considered when visiting Skegness is the Diamond Jubilee Clock Tower in honor of Queen Victoria. There are also gardens, with an abundance of beautiful flowering plants. A pier, which was quite long and historical, is now only around 387 feet and has been refurbished.

The town’s center also offers a great shopping experience especially the areas near Lumley Road, High Street, and Roman Bank. There are also golf courses, amusement parks and several food centers.

The town’s favorite sport is racing, may it be car, speedway or truck racing.

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